Inspired by and used in tandem with our voice and tone, our typography serves as a further extension of our brand. When used appropriately, it’s a powerful way to convey meaning and mood.


Inter is our primary typeface and should be used whenever possible. It is a sans serif font with an approachable but bold feel that matches the perception of our brotherhood.

Inter Black

Inter Bold

Inter medium

Inter regular

Inter light

Freight Text

Freight is our secondary typeface and should be used in combination with Inter, but never as the primary font. It is a serif font that offers a clean classic, complimentary feel to Inter’s bold, modern attributes.

Freight Text Bold

Freight Text Semibold

Freight Text Medium

Freight Text Book


DIN is a sans-serif font chosen as an accent to Inter and Freight, primarily for its flexibility at small sizes and wide range of weights and styles, including condensed settings. 

DIN black

DIN Bold

DIN Medium

DIN regular

DIN Condensed Black

DIN Condensed Regular