Lambda Chi Alpha Launches Groundbreaking Program

Leadership Skills Certification Academy (LSCA) to increase employment opportunities for college grads by providing digital badging credentials to attract potential employers CARMEL, IN — Feb. 7, 2022 — Today, Lambda Chi Alpha, one of the largest fraternities in North America, launched the widespread collegiate rollout of its Leadership Skills Certification Academy (LSCA), an innovative online training […]

SAC Spotlight: Robert Wulff

Robert Wulff

Robert Wulff (Missouri University of Science & Technology, ’21) was unsure if college was in his future. During his last year of high school, Wulff ran into health complications to the point where he was unable to attend classes. Ultimately, this put Wulff behind his classmates, pushing his graduation to the end of summer. When […]

SAC Spotlight: Jonah Mudse

Jonah Mudse

From the moment Jonah Mudse (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), ’22) signed his bid card to join Lambda Chi Alpha, he knew he had found a home away from home. Originally from Ohio, Mudse’s family moved to California right before he entered college. Mudse fell in love with the way of life at RPI in New […]

LCA 101: Understanding the High Rho and High Epsilon Positions

High Epsilon and High Rho

In this second-to-last installment of our LCA 101 series, we are focusing on the offices of High Rho and High Epsilon. The High Rho is each chapter’s link to Lambda Chi alumni, while the High Epsilon plays an important role in the social development and participation of the members. But how does each office complete […]

Mental Health Spotlight: Dr. Fred Kam

Fred Kam

As a practicing physician at Auburn University, Dr. Fred Kam witnesses the mental health struggles college students face every day firsthand. Since the pandemic, Kam has seen more and more students approach him with physical complaints for which there is no biochemical reason. “We know that mental health affects your physical health,” Kam said. “It […]

LCA 101: Understanding the High Sigma Position

We couldn’t serve as one of the premier men’s organizations without the hard work of our High Sigmas in keeping members on track with their academics. But how do they perform this all-important work? High Sigmas should reference the Constitution and Statutory Code 4-4 and 7-8 regarding academic requirements for association and initiation, on-going academic […]

LCA 101: Understanding the High Beta Position

High Beta

The High Beta position is critical to any chapter/colony’s success. As the First Vice President, the High Beta assists the High Alpha in performing his duties and ensures that all officers, committees and individual members are performing to the highest degree. Within the role of High Beta, a member should focus on the following: Rethink […]

LCA 101: Understanding the High Phi Position

High Phi Position

In this installment of LCA 101, we are taking a closer look at the High Phi officer position. In this role, a member is responsible for guiding his Brothers through Lambda Chi’s ritual and helping them understand the value of these teachings. Read on to learn more about the importance of this position. The title […]

LCA 101: Understanding the High Kappa Position

Brothers from UNC-Greensboro

Photo courtesy of the Phi-Theta chapter at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro Have you ever sat through a class that didn’t interest you at ALL? Maybe it was that freshman year mandatory history class or the statistics class you had to take for your major- whatever it was, chances are you weren’t interested because it […]