• Office of Administration

    Matt Hornyak

    Director of Client Success & Partnership

    Responsible for managing the Fraternity’s external clients and strategic partnerships.

    Phone: 317.803.7358
  • Office of Administration

    Tim Jones

    Accounts Receivable & Billing Specialist

    Responsible for processing all cash receipts and collections for the Fraternity and Educational Foundation.

    Phone: 317.803.7366
  • Office of Administration

    Taylor Krivas

    Curriculum Coordinator

    Responsible for the facilitation and creation of content that engages different learning styles, enhances our connection to external partners, and develops our membership throughout their lives as a Lambda Chi.

    Phone: 317.803.7370
  • Office of Administration

    Tad Lichtenauer

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Responsible for managing the Fraternity’s strategic partnerships.

    Phone: 317.803.7322
  • Office of Administration

    JC Martinez

    Chapter Support Coach
  • Office of Administration

    Thomas McGrath

    Associate Director of Chapter Support

    Responsible for supervising Chapter Support Coaches, the Student Advisory Committee, and assisting in the management and execution of the chapter support program.

    Phone: 317.805.6728
  • Office of Administration

    Ryan McIlrath

    Associate Director of Volunteer Management

    Responsible for the administration of alumni volunteers.

    Phone: 317.995.3317
  • Office of Administration

    Troy Medley

    Chief Executive Officer

    Responsible for managing the overall operations and resources and reports to the Board of Directors

    Phone: (317) 872-8000
  • Office of Administration

    Wil Overholt

    Health & Wellness Coach
  • Office of Administration

    Sara Perry

    Associate Director of Health & Wellness
    Phone: 317.803.7390