Five Pillars

Our Pillars

Our Five Pillars are the embodiment of Lambda Chi Alpha’s cardinal principles that steer every action of our organization. These principles provide consistency, clarity and unity of purpose in what it means to be a member of Lambda Chi. They guide our ability to discern members from nonmembers, strengths from weaknesses and right from wrong by reflecting the character, convictions and virtues of our enduring brotherhood.

Equal Membership

From the first day, we believe new members of Lambda Chi must be treated as equals and are entitled to the full rights and privileges afforded to any member. We foster this equality through a culture that emphasizes enduring relationships, strong mentorship and intensive instruction in our history, values and code of conduct.

Timeless Leadership

We welcome new brothers for the men they are and the leaders they will become. From foreign wars to civil unrest, we believe that the men of Lambda Chi are leaders who have and always will rise to the occasion. We also recognize that because every generation faces unique challenges, their struggles, perspectives and solutions are not identical. Despite these differences, we celebrate the diversity of our thoughts, perspectives and solutions and regard all men of Lambda Chi as incredible men of consequence.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We embrace all young men, regardless of background and differences, so long as they are men of virtue that are willing to lead and live by our code of ethics. We desire our members to feel comfortable being their authentic whole selves. We also believe that character is derived not only from what we cherish but also from that which we do not tolerate. As a fraternity that values diversity, pursues equity and honors inclusion, we condemn any actions of racism, misogyny and discrimination.

Total Health

We revere physical, mental and social health as a critical component of brotherhood and leadership. As a brotherhood, we work to instill lifelong habits of health in all of our members, young and old. As leaders and ambassadors of Lambda Chi, we believe that embracing total health also means ensuring, promoting and upholding the health and safety of ourselves and others.

Strength Through Service

Devotion to public service is a true testament to the temperament of every man and leader. Every member of Lambda Chi has something to give to help improve his community, whether it is time, skills or resources. We believe that sacrifices borne from service build character and strength in the men who bear them.