Alumni Service Spotlight: Seth Warren


Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been anything but easy, but no one has felt the strain more than the professionals of the healthcare industry. These real-life superheroes have been manning the frontlines since the beginning with an all-hands-on-deck mentality. For Seth Warren (University of Richmond, ’89), his time as the CEO of Riverview Health, with campuses in both Westfield and Noblesville, Ind. has proven to be one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences of his life.

Following graduation, Warren was offered an entry-level position at a hospital where his friend’s father was about to become CEO. Warren was unsure where this journey might take him, but he was eager to use his knowledge and experience for a noble cause.

As he continued to climb the professional ladder, Warren found that he could easily draw upon what he had learned through his Lambda Chi days about working with individuals from all walks of life in every aspect of his duties at the hospital.

“You had a lot of different personalities, a lot of different experiences, a lot of different points of view that they bring to the table,” said Warren. “I think that right now for any future job opportunity, it teaches you how to deal with people with very diverse backgrounds.”

Warren has taken this lesson to heart and now uses it in his day-to-day routine as CEO. In light of the pandemic, Warren has witnessed just how far a sense of camaraderie and working toward a shared goal can go.

“That’s absolutely rewarding when you see that in action, and it was never more evident than when COVID hit,” said Warren. “You really see that people are working together for the care of the patient.”

It is these moments that stick with Warren as he has led his team through all of the uncertainties that came with the pandemic. Through all the missed events, long hours and the time lost with loved ones, Warren helped his team remain focused on their shared goal: care for all who walk through the doors of the hospital and providing hope as the servant leaders they are in a time where it could have easily been snuffed out.

“The service is evident on a daily basis because people are willing to commit their time and attention to the organization,” said Warren.

Through his time as CEO, Warren has been able to uniquely experience his team’s dedication to care firsthand as both leader and patient.

Whether looking after his elderly mother as a visitor, caring for his step-father as he faced a terminal diagnosis or having the unenviable task of treating Warren, the CEO, for multiple weeks as an inpatient, the staff of Riverview Health blew Warren away and serves as a daily reminder of why he and his team do what they do on a regular basis.

Though COVID-19 is far from over, Warren is confident that those who work within the walls of his hospital will continue to answer the call to service with grace, humility, and care.

To those outside of the healthcare system, Warren urges them to remember to be kind and remember the lesson he learned years ago in Lambda Chi: We may all come from different backgrounds, but together we can accomplish truly great things.