anchor fund

Brothers band together

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the tornado that ripped through Jonesboro, Arkansas, home to our Arkansas State chapter, the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation created the Anchor Fund, an area of support dedicated to disaster and (inter)national emergency relief.

This fund will provide hope and financial aid for our brothers in a time of stress and uncertainty. While we don’t know what the future holds, we’re confident that our brotherhood will grow stronger and we’re resilient in the face of adversity.

Brothers with demonstrated financial need may receive direct funds for essentials such as food, shelter, medical needs, and employment-critical transportation. Emergency grants are available for up to $500 based on the applicant’s unique situation.

The Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation manages the Anchor Fund, and the Educational Foundation will make the emergency grants to members who qualify for emergency aid. All gifts made to the Anchor Fund are tax-deductible. The Educational Foundation will manage the process to determine which applicants will receive grants based on their individual situation.

While this global pandemic inspired us to create support for unthinkable situations, we’re making the Anchor Fund a permanent initiative of our Foundation to proactively mitigate future crises.

How Can I Receive a Grant?

If you are facing financial hardship due to a qualified disaster or (inter)national emergency, please apply for emergency aid through the Anchor Fund by completing an application. The Grants & Programs Committee will review applications as they are received, and grants will be awarded on an individual basis based on qualifying circumstances.

Please note the following requirements in order to be eligible for funding through the anchor fund program:

  • You must be a current Member (Associate Member, Collegiate Brother, or Alumnus) in good standing who has an immediate and verifiable financial hardship resulting from a qualified disaster or (inter)national emergency.
  • You must have demonstrated good faith to explore other funding options (insurance, free or low-cost services, other student aid, etc.).
  • Priority will go to current students (Associate Members and Collegiate Brothers) and alumni who have graduated within the past ten years who have never received an Anchor Fund award.

How Can I Help the Anchor Fund?

We rely on passionate leaders who give generously and believe in the future of our men. Our brothers need us more than ever.

Donations to the fund can also be mailed to the address below. Please note any mailed donations to be directed towards the Anchor Fund so that your gift is properly designated.

Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation

10 W. Carmel Dr.
Suite 220
Carmel, IN 46032

Spread the Word. If you’re not able to contribute financially, you can still help us by promoting the fund on social media and among your network. Any donation, large or small, helps a brother in need.

How Can I Help Lambda Chi Brothers in Other Ways?

Support Their Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused small businesses to shut down their physical spaces and think creatively about how they can deliver their products and services to their faithful customers.

Thank Them for Their Hard Work

Many of our brothers are on the front lines of this pandemic. Whether they’re treating patients, responding to emergency calls, or making sure your essential stores are stocked and cleaned, we appreciate every single one of our brothers for what they’re doing.

Check on Them

For some brothers, they’ve lost a job. For others, they are facing COVID-19 themselves. And many  of us are staying at home to help flatten the curve. No matter what we’re all doing, lean on each other during this time of potential fear and loneliness.

Hire Them for your Business

If you’re looking for essential or remote employees, use our job board to find a brother for the position. Many brothers are eager to gain employment after layoffs and closures.

Share an Anchor Story

Lambda Chi Alpha is proud of what our chapters across the nation have done to support each other and their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re inspired by your ​brave acts of brotherhood​.

We want to hear stories of Lambda Chi brothers…

  • Becoming an anchor for their community in a time of crisis
  • Keeping friendships and mentorships strong through technology
  • Working diligently in their profession to make everyday life, health, and safety possible
  • Innovating the way they do business during social distancing ordinances to make their products and services accessible

If this sounds like someone you know, please email​ marketing@lambdachi.org to share their impact.  Tell us their unique story and include photos so that we can highlight our brothers on this  webpage and on social media platforms.