chapter support & wellness

Health and wellness is at the forefront of everything we do at Lambda Chi Alpha. Ensuring our men are healthy and well and have a fraternal experience that contributes to, rather than detracting from, their wellness, is crucial.

Our individualized and consultative approach reflects industry recommendations that meaningful conversations and relationships catalyze the most progress regarding chapter culture shifts. This is the primary reason Lambda Chi Alpha moved to a weekly coaching model in 2020. 


member resources

Member Development

Member Development: Ideal Man 
Ideal Man is a four-year personal and professional skill-building program to maximize the Lambda Chi Alpha Membership experience. Focused on developing Brotherhood, competence, and character, its mission is to prepare Members for success during and after college.

Officer Development: Stead Leadership College
The mission of the Stead Leadership College is to prepare Members for a position
on the High Zeta (Chapter management team), build capability within Chapters, and act as a bridge between Chapter and career. Aimed at future and serving Chapter Officers, it is composed of two learning journeys: Leadership Ready and Role Ready.

Mental Health

JED Foundation: We partnered with the JED Foundation to evaluate the resources we offer as they relate to Mental Health. We continue to promote resources provided by JED as they develop. Mental health support is affirmed and promoted through all Lambda Chi Alpha programming.

Mental Health Toolkit:  Resource developed in conjunction with JED based on our data from multiple studies to support chapters preventative work with mental health.