Chapter Support Funds

To better serve our chapters and their needs, the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation developed the Chapter Support Funds Program.

This program provides chapters with financial assistance for education-related needs such as scholarships, registration fees, leadership training and chapter house operating costs. It also provides an opportunity for alumni to directly contribute tax-deductible funds to chapters and brothers.

Chapters may establish their own chapter support fund through the foundation. For more information about chapter support funds, please contact Dan Hartmann at: dhartmann@lambdachi.org.


  1. Fraternity Support Funds Policies and Fees
    Overview of the Foundation’s chapter support funds, expectations of the chapter and Foundation, administrative costs, etc.
  2. Investment Policy Statement
    Details about how the Foundation manages our investments.
  3. Uniform Grant Procedures for Operating Expense Grants
    Program to support chapters fund chapter house operating expenses.
  4. Housing Grants Basics
    Overview of chapter support funds for chapter houses.
  5. CSF Template for Endowed Fund (Type A)
    Sample agreement to establish a permanently endowed chapter support fund.
  6. CSF Template for Temporarily Restricted Fund (Type B)
    Sample agreement to establish a temporarily restricted chapter support fund.
  7. CSF Template for Multiple Purposes
    Sample agreement to establish more than one chapter support fund.
  8. Scholarship Application Template
    Sample scholarship application for local alumni to use when awarding a scholarship through a chapter support fund.
  9. Restricted Fund Disbursement Form
    This form is used by alumni to request a grant disbursements from a chapter support fund.
  10. Grant Recertification Form
    This is used from time to time for chapter house projects, asking local alumni to certify the original educational space continues to be used in such a manner.
  11. Final Construction Report Form
    This is used at the end of building a new chapter house, detailing the expenses funded with grants and the amount, if any, still available for future grants.