John Crowther’s “Rochelle” gets a 3-issue run


John Crowther’s “Rochelle” gets a 3-issue run


As we’ve covered before, there is more than one comic hero with a connection to Lambda Chi Alpha.

After a successful debut as an issue #0 flip book with the series “Femforce” from Florida-based AC Comics, John Crowther (Stetson) began discussions with Joe Dunn, CEO of San Antonio, Texas-based publisher, Antarctic Press, about carrying “Rochelle” as a full color monthly series.

Antarctic Press has been a major independent comic book publisher since 1984, having produced over 850 titles with a total circulation of over 5 million.

After agreeing to a 3-issue run, with covers designed by an in-house artist named David Hutchison, the future of “Rochelle” will rely on sales numbers if it hopes to extend into a series. 

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In this run Rochelle has been spruced up with color and a new logo in anticipation of her July release. 

Pre-orders for the 1st issue are now live until June 3, and pre-order numbers will determine whether the series is continued after issues 1-3.

To pre-order, use the code is MAY161088, which can be provided to any comic shop. To pre-order now, visit Midtown Comics online by following the link here.

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