Lambda Chi Alpha offers access to a variety of scholarships for students looking for support.

Academic Scholarships

  • James Chirurg Scholarship (All Undergraduates) 
  • James R. Favor Scholarship (All Undergraduates) 
  • Henry Lee Schuck Scholarship (All Undergraduates) 
  • Warren E. Dupwe Scholarship – Arkansas State (Iota-Theta) 
  • Kirk and Nancy Pond Scholarship – Arkansas (Gamma-Chi) 
  • A. Barry Cappello Scholarship (California) 
  • Epsilon-Mu Zeta Scholarship – Florida (Epsilon-Mu) 
  • Sigma-Upsilon Zeta Scholarship – Appalachian State (Sigma-Upsilon) 
  • Grace “Mom” Cheuvront Memorial Scholarship – Oklahoma City (Theta-Delta) 
  • James and Patricia Bernal Scholarship (Tennessee) 
  • Jeffrey Steele Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship – Washington (Alpha-Psi) 

Chapter Specific Scholarships

Many Lambda Chi Chapters offer specific scholarships for their members. If you don’t see your school or region listed contact your chapter’s scholarship coordinator to see if they are offering any new opportunities. 

Leadership Seminar Scholarships

  • Jack Bovender Leadership Scholarship 
  • George W. Spasyk Sophomore Scholarship 
  • Kevin Vasquez Leadership Scholarship