Lambda Chi Alpha Chooses OmegaFi as their Exclusive Chapter Management System Partner in Order to Provide Chapters with the Business Tools and Resources Needed for Success

Carmel, IN – November 4, 2019 – The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Board of Directors is excited to announce a new and exclusive partnership with OmegaFi. OmegaFi, the leading technology company serving Fraternity and Sororities, will provide Lambda Chi Alpha chapters a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on financial management, recruitment, communication and member engagement […]

4 Times a Lambda Chi Alpha Chose to do the Right Thing

Joseph Campbell (Sigma-Zeta, ’91) is passionate about becoming an honorable man through his actions. As the ago old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” It certainly rings true in his life as he chooses to pass on that character trait on others. Each and every day, Campbell uses the Boy Scouts as a way […]

A (Social) Platform to Stand On

Do whatever you want, unless it’s giving up. Do not give up. Never give up. Chris Pisarski (Omicron, ‘11) repeated these very words to himself as he discovers another few thousand dollars was usurped from his bank account with the hope it would be the big break he’d been waiting for. It wasn’t, and neither […]

3 Easy Steps for Ranking Priorities in your Life

The demand for your time is only increasing, companies and organizations are, quite literally, demanding that you use your 24 hours each day with them. Out of kindness or perceived obligation, you may find yourself saying, “yes” to everything as to not disappoint anyone. If that is your situation, now is the time to begin […]

The 7 Core Values

Loyalty Establishes the correct ordering of our obligations and commitments. Unswerving allegiance to the organization and its laws, ideals, and defining principles prevents us from misplacing our loyalties. Our first, and most complex, value is rooted in the act of holding onto something with passion. It includes being loyal to friends (in and out of […]

Fall Series: Becoming a Man of Lambda Chi Alpha Core Values

This fall, we are looking back on our foundation. The preparation for recruitment is in full swing and hopeful members are knocking at our doors awaiting an invitation. As they navigate the process, they will learn what kind of men we expect them to be, ones of Lambda Chi Alpha Core Values. The recruits will […]

Labor Day Message from the Grand High Alpha

Congratulations!  It’s the start of a new academic year. The excitement of new beginnings coupled with fresh starts quickens the senses. Our desires are energized and our sites are elevated as we seek to do our best while giving it our all. Brothers and roommates are reunited. There are new students to meet and potential […]

Camp Kesem: A Story of Reflection

In Hebrew, the word, “kesem” translates to, “magic” in the English language. The beauty of magic is that it can do anything, including bring joy back into the eyes of someone who hasn’t seen it for a long time. Christopher Rodriquez (Iota-Gamma, ’18) wants to give that feeling to each and every kid that walks […]

Lambda Chi brother becomes professional disc golf player

As Dallas Wrinkle, associate member of Lambda-Chi Zeta, approaches the target, he prepares for a throw he has been working to perfect for months. By using his lucky disc, the hope is that it lands a straight shot into the target. He takes a quick assessment of the weather to determine if the slight wind […]

Baker receives University of Iowa’s Hancher-Finckbine Alumni Medallion

Dale Baker (Iota-Chi ’68) began college just as any other student does. He joined Lambda Chi, completed his schoolwork and graduated with good academic standing. Most people donate to their alma mater only when they receive a reminder or feel inclined to give back during Giving Tuesday each year. Baker took a more hands-on approach […]